5 o’clock was founded by two corporate professionals who were sick of the nine to five grind and decided to follow their passion for wine and relaxation. They traded in neck ties for grape vines, and office desks for a 500 acre vineyard in Napa. Today 5 o’clock offers six different varieties, perfect for any occasion. Our wine is bottled right here in California, but is inspired by regions from all over the world. You shouldn’t quit your job, but you should enjoy a glass and unwind.


Our target audience is composed of 25-35 year olds, including both male and female, but slightly geared more toward females. A twenty question survey to eighteen people within the 25-35 age range was administered to gain an understanding of this group. Insight was gained into their preferences and buying habits. Questions included: “How knowledgeable are you about wine?”, “What is your favorite type of wine?”, “What do you look for in a wine bottle?”, “How much are you willing to spend on a bottle?”


Since the target group said they’re drawn to a fun name when they’re looking for a wine bottle, the whole brand personality needed to have a fun, playful vibe. Each bottle features a description geared towards one of our sub-demographics: either working professionals or parents.

The working professional description reads: 5 o’clock is for the hard-working go-getter who likes to let loose once quittin’ time rolls around. You deserve to treat yourself for getting through that budget meeting and dealing with the guy in the cubicle next to you. He’s the worst. You might not have any vacation days left, but with one taste you’ll be transported to the rich plains of Argentina with this Pinot Noir. So take off that blazer and pop the cork my friend, you’ve earned it.

The description for the parent demographic follows a very similar structure to maintain a consistent brand voice. This description reads: 5 o’clock is for the hard-working do-it-yourselfer who likes to let loose once the day is finally over. You deserve to treat yourself for controlling your road rage during carpool and making it through that PTA meeting. Those suck. You might not have any time to yourself, but in a few sips you’ll be transported to the tropical Australian coastline with this Pinot Grigio. So leave the kids with Grandma and pop the cork my friend, you’ve earned it.


In addition to this personality, the name and common phrase “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere” was played off by bringing in an international factor to the brand. Research concluded which regions of the world were most famous for each type of wine offered. The Merlot is inspired by the flavors and blends of Spain, White Zinfandel is popularly made in California, Pinot Grigio from Australia, Cabernet inspired by Italy, Chardonnay from France, and Pinot Noir from Argentina.

The color palette was inspired by the colors of the sunset. This was chosen for the array of colors that occur when the sun sets around 5:00pm. The transitional typeface “Playfair Display” is used for headlines and subheads, and the san serif typeface “Proxima Nova” for body copy. These are used because they follow brand aesthetic and read well on both print and web.


*This project was completed in collaboration with four additional group members

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